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Enabling the World’s First Autonomous Solutions

Luminar Technologies, Inc. is revolutionizing transportation through our lidar autonomous driving technology built from the chip-level up, starting in 2012. Our lidar technology meets the demanding performance, safety, and cost requirements to enable Level 3 through Level 5 autonomous vehicles in production. We are best in class in enhancing driver safety, whether it is driver-assisted or self-driving technology, through our innovative lidar hardware and software products.

With a global footprint and over 50 partners worldwide, we are positioned to create a competitive advantage in the autonomous vehicle landscape in both passenger and transportation vehicles and other target markets. Our perception and decision-making software and sensor hardware allow for series production, integration, and driver safety at the highest levels.

Our Vision

Eradicate vehicle accidents.

Our 100-year Vision

Saving 100 million lives and 100 trillion hours.

Company Facts

  • Founded in 2012
  • Industry-first Lidar Standardization on Series Production Vehicle
  • 210 Patents Issued & Pending
  • Global Footprint with over 500 Employees
  • Chip-level Integration
    • BFE
    • Optogration
    • Freedom Photonics

Market Overview

Total Addressable Market (TAM) Projected to Grow to Over $150B in 20301

The focus on mobility and e-mobility trends in passenger and commercial vehicles is growing. With these new driving features, safety and autonomy are at the forefront of industry standards.

Over 1 Million Vehicle Fatalities Globally2

The focus on mobility and e-mobility trends in passenger and commercial vehicles is growing. With these new driving features, safety and autonomy are at the forefront of industry standards.

Two Distinct Markets

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (“ADAS”) and autonomous driving are the two segments integrating into all vehicles in the future. Whether the driver has control or the ADAS is in charge, these markets will integrate into passenger vehicles, commercial trucking, robo-taxi, and other autonomous needs.

1 Includes lidar plus AV and ADAS software; Source: Luminar estimates incorporating data from IHS Markit, LMC Automotive, Company Filings, and Wall Street equity research. 2 Source: WHO, esurance

Product Portfolio


Iris lidar combines laser transmitter and receiver and provides long-range, 1550 nm sensory meeting OEM specs for advanced safety and autonomy. This technology provides efficient, automotive-grade, and affordable solutions that are scalable, reliable, and optimal for series production.

Perception Software

Built from scratch sensory perception software that segments, detects, predicts, and corrects an object’s location, velocity, and orientation within seconds. This software allows for smart detection and real-time adjustments.


Our full-stack platform for safety & autonomy that enables Proactive Safety™ and Highway Autonomy for cars and commercial trucks.

Our Strategy


Create the world’s best lidar for production cars & trucks


Launch & enable the safest, most advanced production vehicles on the road


Enable Proactive Safety™ & highway autonomy across all major automakers


Provide advanced safety to all while enabling paid upgrades for autonomy

Major Customer Wins

Typographic logo for Volvo.

Volvo Cars unveiled the new, all-electric Volvo EX90 which will come standard with Luminar’s technology on each vehicle produced to enable advanced safety and autonomous capabilities on highways in the future.

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Typographic logo for SAIC Motor.

China’s largest automaker, SAIC, has partnered with Luminar to equip the premium Rising Auto R7 electric vehicle with Luminar lidar. The Rising Auto R7 with Luminar is now available in the China market.

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Logo for the Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

Luxury vehicle manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Luminar to enhance safety and autonomy in their next-generation automobiles.

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Typographic logo for Polestar.

Swedish electric performance car company, Polestar, will utilize a best-in-class lidar sensor from Luminar on its first electric performance SUV, the Polestar 3.

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Typographic logo for Nissan.

Nissan is using Luminar's lidar technology to develop its next-generation driver assistance system.

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Typographic logo for Mobileye

Mobileye is partnering with Luminar to install Luminarlidar on Mobileye's Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Series solution and will enable Mobileye’s TRUE REDUNDANCY™ solution to provide uncompromised safety and level 4 driving.

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Typographic logo for NVIDIA

NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion autonomous vehicle reference platform will utilize Luminar's Iris lidar in its Level 3 highway driving configuration, with production planned in 2024.

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Typographic logo for Airbus.

Airbus UpNext and Luminar are collaborating to further autonomous flight vehicle technology.

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Typographic logo for Daimler Truck North America.

The world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, Daimler Truck AG and Luminar are collaboratively pursuing a common goal of bringing series-produced highly automated trucks (SAE Level 4) to roads globally.

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