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Democratizing Advanced Safety for All

Luminar is a global automotive technology company ushering in a new era of vehicle safety and autonomy. Over the past decade, we have been building our light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensor from the chip-level up, which is expected to meet the demanding performance, safety, reliability and cost requirements to enable next-generation safety and autonomous capabilities for passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as other adjacent markets.

The global automotive and mobility sector is increasingly focused on safety and autonomy, specifically next-generation advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS, and highway autonomy for passenger and commercial vehicles. Our LiDAR technology provides increased situational awareness in a broad range of driving environments through improved and higher confidence detection and planning at all vehicle speeds.

From its inception, Luminar has taken the approach of building technology to enhance, rather than replace, the driver in the vehicle. Our unique focus on enabling Level 2-3 ADAS/autonomous capabilities for consumer production vehicles rather than Level 4-5 autonomy for robotaxi or other applications has resonated within the industry and translated into major commercial wins with leading global automakers.

Beyond sensor hardware, our product portfolio has expanded to include in-development perception and decision-making software, as well as high definition “3D” mapping that we anticipate will monetize the ecosystem of improved safety and autonomy created by our LiDAR.

Our Vision

Eradicate vehicle accidents.

Our 100-year Vision

Saving 100 million lives and 100 trillion hours.

Company Facts

  • Founded in 2012
  • First LiDAR to be standardized on a global automotive series production vehicle
  • >25 Awarded vehicle lines & commercial programs, including >20 consumer production vehicles
  • Global footprint with >800 full-time employees
  • >350 Patents issued & pending
  • Chip-level development & integration into Luminar Semiconductor
    • Black Forest Engineering
    • Optogration
    • Freedom Photonics

Market Overview

Total Addressable Market (TAM) Projected to Grow $150B+ in 20301

The global automotive and mobility sector is increasingly focused on safety and autonomy, specifically next-generation advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS, and highway autonomy for passenger and commercial vehicles. These new capabilities are being driven both by consumer pull and regulatory push, and will drive an expansion in addressable market for technologies like our LiDAR that enable these features.

Over 1 Million Vehicle Fatalities Globally2

While the increasing application of existing ADAS technologies should help reduce the number of accidents and fatalities, there is significant room for improvement in these technologies, specifically by introducing a capable LiDAR sensing system that increases the quality and reliability of the perception data collected by vehicles and enables improved ADAS functionality in a wider range of environmental conditions, including at higher speeds and at night.

Focus on Enhancing, not Replacing, the Driver

We believe the market is currently segmented into two categories: Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (“ADAS”) and Autonomous Driving (“AD” or “AV”). We believe the larger near-term opportunity exists for technologies that enhance, not replace, the driver, specifically in ADAS and limited autonomy applications, such as highway. Our focus from inception has been to develop technologies that enhance, not replace, the human driver and launch on consumer production vehicles.

1 Includes LiDAR plus associated software; Source: Luminar estimates incorporating data from S&P Global, LMC Automotive & Wall Street research. 2 Source: World Health Organization

Product Portfolio


Our Iris and Iris+ LiDAR combine a 1550nm laser, transmitter, and receiver and provide long-range sensing that we expect will meet OEM specifications for advanced safety and autonomy. This technology provides automotive-grade, efficient, and affordable solutions that are scalable, reliable, and optimal for series production.


Our portfolio of in-development software includes:

  • Core Sensor Software: Designed to help our commercial partners operate, integrate, and control our LiDAR sensors, as well as enrich the sensor data stream before perception processing.
  • Perception and Mapping Software: Our Perception software is designed to transform our LiDAR point cloud data into actionable information about the environment surrounding the vehicle, including classifying static and dynamic objects. Our Mapping software utilizes our point cloud data to achieve precise vehicle localization and create and provide continuous updates to a HD, 3D map of a vehicle’s environment.
  • SentinelTM or Driving Functions Software: Designed to build on Core and Perception software to deliver control functions for a vehicle to avoid or mitigate collision, enabling features like Proactive SafetyTM and Highway autonomy for cars and trucks.

Our Strategy


Create the world’s best lidar for production cars and trucks


Launch and enable the safest and most advanced cars/trucks on the road, starting with high-end models


Launch and enable Proactive SafetyTM and Highway Autonomy on mainstream models


Democratize advanced safety for all, while monetizing upgrades for autonomy, software, and services

Major Customer Wins

Typographic logo for Volvo.

Volvo Cars unveiled the new, all-electric Volvo EX90, which will come standard with Luminar’s technology on each vehicle produced to enable advanced safety and autonomous capabilities on highways in the future.

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Logo for the Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

Mercedes-Benz plans to integrate the next generation of Luminar’s Iris LiDAR and its associated software technology across a broad range of its next-generation production vehicles by mid-decade.

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Typographic logo for Polestar.

Polestar expanded its partnership with Luminar to integrate Luminar’s technology on the Polestar 3, Polestar 4, and Polestar 5.

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Typographic logo for Nissan.

Nissan is working to develop vehicle control and driver-assistance technology aimed to significantly reduce accidents by utilizing next-generation LiDAR technology from Luminar.

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Typographic logo for SAIC Motor.

SAIC equipped its R7 flagship vehicle under its new smart electric brand RISING AUTO with Luminar LiDAR to power its autonomous capabilities and safety features.

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Typographic logo for Mobileye

Polestar is working with Luminar and Mobileye to enhance safety and the future autonomous driving capabilities of the Polestar 4 with the integration of Luminar’s next-generation LiDAR into Mobileye’s Chauffeur platform.

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Typographic logo for NVIDIA

Luminar’s LiDAR was selected to be part of the sensor suite in the NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion autonomous vehicle reference platform.

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Typographic logo for Plus

Plus selected Luminar as the exclusive mid- to long-range LiDAR for PlusDrive Plus’s factory-installed assisted driving systems for commercial vehicles.

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Typographic logo for Gatik

Gatik selected Luminar as the exclusive provider of LiDAR on the next-generations of Gatik vehicles.

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Typographic logo for Swiss Re

Luminar and Swiss Re announced an exclusive partnership, beginning with analyzing and quantifying the on-road performance and safety improvements of consumer and commercial vehicles equipped with Luminar’s LiDAR and Proactive SafetyTM technologies.

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Typographic logo for Scale.ai

Luminar and Scale.ai announced a partnership to support Luminar’s AI Engine, under which Scale will be the exclusive provider of data labeling and AI tools to Luminar.

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Typographic logo for Pony.ai

Pony.ai announced a partnership with Luminar for its next-generation commercial trucking and robotaxi platforms, targeted for series production by 2025.

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